Everything You Need to Know About Booking Placements in Affiliate Marketing

We are living in unprecedented times. Circumstances beyond our control have forced us all to change and redefine temporarily or otherwise, what normalcy means to us. The result is a part-forced, part-voluntary adjustment that has prompted people everywhere to reevaluate just about everything. For marketers, that reckoning comes by way of maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS). During periods of uncertainty, every dollar seems to count a little more than it ever has before—and this is an area where affiliate marketing really shines.

Here, the channel’s value essentially lies in its performance model which allows brands to accelerate the yield from the channel by supplementing with paid placements or media buys to ensure their brand exposure is maximized and in front of intended audiences.

But when it comes to booking placements, you want to make sure you’re ticking all the right boxes—while keeping your mind trained on consumer needs and trends—so you don’t miss out on optimizing any
opportunities. For example, placement evaluation is often based upon return on investment (ROI) but sometimes what’s overlooked is the concept of earned media value. Earned Media Value (EMV) is the metric most often utilized by marketers to measure the value of unpaid brand impressions on third-party content (think blogs, social media posts, product reviews, etc.). An example of this would be a high-traffic blog posting a recommendation for a cashmere sweater from a D2C brand and earning 1 million measurable impressions.

To help you negotiate through the booking process, download our ebook: Everything You Need to Know About Booking Placements and learn the three easy steps for placement-booking success:

1. Establishing your game plan
2. Identifying partners
3. Evaluating placements and building a placement plan

Finally, keep in mind that taking the time to learn the proper process for booking placements now, will let you reap the benefits of successful placements in the future!