100+ Link Building Opportunities from My Private Database

If you head over to Google and search for “link building” you’ll be presented with more than 500,000 results.

There’s more information on using links to rank higher in Google than anyone could consume in their lifetime.

Surprisingly, what I never seem to see is people giving specific link building opportunities that aren’t just a list of sites which accept guest posts.

My private link database consists of over 3,000 websites, documented in the format you’ll find below, and focused specifically on links that send traffic.

I still believe in buying links and using private blog networks which I know some people don’t agree with, but the following opportunities are as genuine as you’ll find.

To help with your own link building endeavours, I’ve decided to share more than 100 opportunities from my ‘private collection’ to show what I view as good link or traffic opportunities in different niches.

This sample of 100 websites isn’t about sharing the best links you can build, but about showing the diverse array of opportunities which exist in each niche.

For instance, in each category I know of dozens of sites which reach millions of visitors per month, but it would be a bit boring if I only shared the big names in each field.

I was careful not to share any “submit link” type of opportunities that people could abuse. All opportunities here require relevant sites (and often great content) to ‘gain’ anything in return.

The vast majority of opportunities include webmasters looking for podcast guests or offering advertising opportunities, so I’ve only included websites which could also benefit from being featured in this post.

Finally, no email addresses were shared that aren’t already publicly available on the sites in question.

Since writing this update, there have been a lot of changes here at Detailed.

I do feel a bit ‘odd’ about having these opportunities in the open now, so I’m not totally sure how long they will exist. I’ve removed a site or two that no longer appear to offer links in the way they did before (such as guest posts).

Our private database is bigger than ever, with Detailed Pro becoming a profitable venture after almost a year of working on it full-time. Link building continues to evolve in exciting ways.

Detailed itself is growing as well. Many people are moving over here from ViperChill and we’ve had some great support with our recent articles.

I probably don’t give enough shoutouts to other people so some great guides to go with this article include Matt Diggity’s guide to anchor text optimization and Stefan Debois’ BuzzStream guest post, where we kindly received a mention.

It’s important to think about how you can help other people, and not just what you can get in return.

The Kind of Opportunity I Love to Find

I recently had a potential client ask me how much I would charge to build them 50, DA 50+ (Moz Domain Authority) links every month.

Not from a private network, but natural “whitehat” backlinks.

With the type of SEO advice out there I understand why requests like these are made, but it’s not what you should be focusing on if you want to build a natural backlink profile.

No site only has DA 50+ links, and it’s a focus that leads to a link profile that has to set off red flags (and requires a pretty huge budget to acquire them in the first place).

I would never look at a sites DA or other metrics when looking to build natural links. I simply look for opportunities that make sense for my site or a clients site.

To give an example, I recently came across an architecture blog called Mirage Studio 7.

Authored by a Malaysian named Ngan, the site shares quotes and drawings for those interested in Architecture.

On the right sidebar of the website, there’s a simple opportunity:

Completed a masterpiece? Have a nice architectural travel experience to share? Share your ideas and thoughts, email us your amazing experience or work, photos at minimum 728px resolution with an interesting description.

If you’ve travelled and seen some beautiful buildings, you can send them to the author and stand a good chance of getting a link back to your own website.

I’m not going to check his DA or SimilarWeb traffic stats or anything like that. If there’s a way I can share some valuable content for his site, and get mentioned in return, then it’s a win-win for both of us.

Similarly, you likely know about social voting websites like Reddit, or niche versions like Inbound.org in the marketing world. What you might not know is these community-curated resources exist in dozens of niches.

In the design & development world, for example, you have Web Designer News which promotes the best content that designers would be interested in.

This is the type of link and traffic source that you have to ‘earn’ through good content, so it’s ‘legitimate’ but doesn’t come without effort.

These are the kind of opportunities I really enjoy finding. Google would “approve”, and they have a good chance of sending real visitors to your site as well.

This is a really long article at over 18,000 words so if you’re in one of the niches below, I recommend clicking on one of the shortcut links to save your fingers from a lot of scrolling.

Please keep in mind that this is ~3% of my database so if you would like to see more of these (at least 400 for each niche), please do let me know at the end of the article.

Automotive Link Opportunities

As I’m personally active in the automotive space, I’m not going to give away my best links here.

Just kidding.

There are 170,000 new websites coming online every day – and not every link opportunity is right for every site – so there’s really no reason to worry about sharing too much.

If you’re in this space, I hope you find at least one opportunity here…

Over 600,000 people visit Expedition Portal each month

MWerks – 45,500 Monthly Visitors

M Werks is an online magazine for all models of BMW and some Mini’s as well. Their site offers news, features, links to relevant resources and a discussion forum.

The forum has almost one million members who have started seven million discussion threads.

The main website has a links page which send traffic to other BMW enthusiast and Aftermarket websites.

Their on-site advertising options can be found here. Banner ads and specific category sponsorship are listed as available ad formats.

The homepage offers readers the chance to submit photos and descriptions of their cars. If accepted, they’ll be featured on the website. The email address for submissions is features AT mwerks.com.

The forum also has an attached “Articles” sub-domain. Advertisers are welcome here, too. You could also pitch an article through the contact form.

Comments are available through the Facebook platform so no there’s real link opportunity here, besides the possibility to get ‘noticed’ if you’re active on the site.

Links to sites like vwvortex.com, Jimellisvwparts.com and Cobbtuning.com

GTR Life – 210,500 Monthly Visitors

GTR Life features articles and a forum dedicated to the Nissan GTR.

The forum has over 55,000 members who have contributed over 1.5 million forum posts.

Advertising possibilities exist on the forum. You can find contact information on their advertising page.

On the forum’s left sidebar, there are areas for “Premier Sponsors” and “International Sponsors”. The ads show both a logo and a naked URL of each sponsor. Advertisers are also featured on a links page.

The articles on the website list GTR themed events. Links to a few sponsors also appear at the bottom of the articles, so possibilities exist for inclusion there.

You can also leave comments on the articles themselves which is a good way to get involved in the community. These are usually approved if they are relevant or add further value to the article.

Joining the forum offers other link opportunities but please only get involved (and expect them to stay live) if you’re an active and value-giving user.

Links to sites like Cargurus.com, Enjukuracing.com and Speedforsale.com

Expedition Portal provides articles and a forum for those interested in adventure.

There are dedicated discussion categories for off-road motorcycles, 4-wheel-drive cars and trucks, campers, trailers and bicycles.

Expedition Portal receives over one million unique visitors a month and an average of 35,000 users per day.

The attached forum has over 150,000 members who have started more than 130,000 discussion threads.

A number of advertising options exist, particularly on their forum. These include banner ads, pop-up full-page ads and the sponsoring of category pages. Visit this page for further information and contact details.

Advertising is also available at their parent website Overland Journal.

Expedition Portal has a number of articles by different authors. They don’t publicly state they accept guest posts, but you could always pitch the Editor-in-Chief, Chris Collard, by email.

All articles on Expedition Portal have comments enabled via the Disqus platform. This means links won’t really do anything besides helping you have a more ‘natural’ link profile, but they could also send you traffic.

Links to sites like Craigslist.org, Advrider.com and Steelsoldiers.com

Grand Tour Nation is a fan site devoted to the TV show “The Grand Tour”. They claim to receive over one million pageviews per month, from 500,000 unique visitors.

The Grand Tour is a relatively new show featuring the old hosts of the world-famous Top Gear. The website features news and online quizzes about the TV show and general automotive topics.

Grand Tour Nation is advertising for contributors to the website. Contributors must submit one to two articles per week and be a self-described “Gearhead”.

The website also allows sponsors. The three types of advertising available are ‘Site Stripes’ at the top of content, in content ads and button ads.

The articles on the website allow comments but they don’t receive many. Still, comment sections always provide an opportunity to get involved in a community and build a relationship with site authors and owners.

Links to sites like Teespring.com, Minifigs.me and Thesun.co.uk

Humble Mechanic owner, Charles, is also a full-time Volkswagen technician.

The Humble Mechanic examines and discusses Volkswagen repair, dealership life, and the daily rigors of mechanics.

Guest posts are welcome but they’re heavily scrutinized to ensure they add value to the community before being published.

Charles also runs the Behind The Wrench podcast. If you’re a guest on the podcast, he’ll link out to your website and all social media properties on the Behind The Wrench section of the site.

If you interview or feature Charles in an article or podcast, you may get linked back to from his media page.

You can leave a contributing comment on the blog and get a link in return.

Links to sites like Atvconnection.com

Four Wheeler – 937,000 Monthly Visitors

Four Wheeler’s Jeep Magazine is a do-it-yourself guide for Jeep owners looking for ideas and insights into modifying, restoring and keeping their Jeep in tip-top condition.

If you have relevant article or image-based resources, Jeep Magazine cites and links out to sources below its posts which could be an opportunity you can capitalise on.

Editorial contributions for both articles and images are welcome.

Jeep Magazine allows comments through the LiveFyre platform meaning you won’t get any ‘link juice’, but you could become a recognised member of their community.

Advertising on Jeep Magazine is available through the Four Wheeler Network.

Contact Jeep Magazine.

Links to sites like Ewillys.com, Bds-suspension.com and Ripsawtank.com

Truck Trend – 970,000 Monthly Views

Truck Trend offers extensive coverage of trucks and SUVs with news, guides, events and more.

Truck Trend averages 104,000 unique visitors a month.

A link opportunity at the bottom of a post exists if you can provide content used within one of Truck Trend’s articles.

Their writing staff can be contacted through email.

Sponsored links are available in the sidebar of the forum.

Sponsored content posts and banner advertising are other available options.

Editorial submissions – image and text-based – are also accepted but getting them published is not a guarantee.

Contact Truck Trend.

Links to sites like  Rivercitydiesel.com, Dieselsite.com and Motortrend.com

Inside EVs – 1.1 Million Monthly Views

Inside EVs is an exploratory electric vehicle news site that goes beyond just publishing the latest updates and investigates the deeper story.

Guest article submissions are permitted which can (editor permitting) include a link back to your site and send relevant visitors your way.

Comment links are available if you leave a helpful comment that adds value to a post.

Banner advertising to get in front of their audience is also available if you have a marketing budget.

Links to sites like Autocar.co.uk, Hybridcars.com and Emotorwerks.com

Scale Auto Mag – 56,000 Monthly Visitors

Scale Auto is a publication devoted to the hobby of building automotive models.  The site includes how to articles, hobby news, car reviews and detailed coverage of live events.

Scale Auto can deliver 1,000,000 total pageviews per month to advertisers. Sponsored advertiser links are available.

On-site articles are only accessible to paying subscribers.

Contributions to the site are accepted.  Write-ups should be between 750-3000 words along with other guidelines which need to be followed

Signature links are allowed for members of the forum but as always, don’t abuse this privilege or you may be banned or ruin your reputation. Only add links if you’re going to be an active member of the community.

Contact Scale Auto Mag about advertising.

Links to sites like Madmodeling.com, oldcarbrochures.com and italianhorses.net

Auto Spies – 145,000 Monthly Visitors

Auto Spies is a site dedicated to auto news, dealer reviews, and photo galleries.  The site is primarily a blog, with commenting available on individual posts.

You must register to get full access to the site.

There is a ‘submit an article’ link on their left sidebar if you wish to submit tips or any relevant content which can include links to your own site.

There are also advertising opportunities available. You can use their contact page to get more information on what’s available and their audience demographics.

They also have a Facebook Group for members, but you have to be logged in to access the group details so we won’t share them here out of respect.

Links to sites like 4wheelsnews.com, Carbuzz.com and Inautonews.com

Business & Marketing Link Opportunities

As I’m personally active in the business and marketing circles online, I love finding new sites and link opportunities in this space.

Keep in mind that I’m very careful only to share examples here which are actively looking for more visitors, such as having new guests on their podcast or offering advertising opportunities.

There are some great opportunities that I’m scared would be abused if I featured them here, so I’ve been careful about my selections.

Launching Next encourages the submission of new startups

Business 2 Community is a site that covers the latest news in digital marketing.

If you have been around long enough to remember Technorati, they were once hailed as one of the top 10 most influential social media and marketing blogs online.

Their mass of articles are open to comments, which could be one way to get involved in the community.

Guest posts are encouraged, with the guidelines stating that your submission should be a minimum of 300 words. There are very specific rules regarding the use of links. You can read the guidelines here before making a submission.

If you wanted to build a relationship with some of the most prolific writers on the site (and perhaps introduce them to your product / service) you can get their details from Business2Community’s list of their top 100 contributors.

They accept advertising, allowing potential sponsors to choose from options like promoted content and whitepaper syndication. Further details on their advertising options can be found here.

Links to sites like Influenster.com, Site-analyzer.com and Woorank.com

The Write Practice is a website targeted towards writers of (predominantly) online publications.

It features articles, programs and contests, all designed to improve the writing ability of its readers.

The blog accepts comments, meaning you can get noticed if you have thoughtful advice and feedback to share.

Guest posts are encouraged. You can see an example of one here. Posts should generally be 750 words or more, but the rule is fairly lenient. Links are allowed to be placed in author bios.

Read their guidelines before making any article submissions. Pitches from marketing companies on behalf of their clients are not accepted.

The site links out to a number of premium courses, books and other online training materials. Many appear to be affiliate links so if you have a similar resource, you could pitch them to the owners.

They often link out to coverage of themselves, so if there’s ever a relevant time to mention The Write Practice in your own site, it could result in them talking about you as well. You can see examples of this on their about page.

If you would like to get in touch you can find contact details of the people behind the site here.

Links to sites like Nownovel.com, Freedom.to and Kboards.com

Nice Ops – 5,000 Monthly Visitors

Nice Ops is a place for busy business owners who want to get better at managing their time, their affairs and even their sanity.

Ran by Amber McCue, NiceOps features guides and tutorials on how to streamline success in business.

While traffic numbers are low, the site is open to comments so that could be one way to get yourself acquainted with the author.

The site has featured guest posts in the past but doesn’t actively seek them. You can see an example of such a post here. If you build a relationship with the owner, a guest post opportunity could arise in the future.

Amber also links out to people who have provided testimonials so if you’ve used her products or services, reach out and let her know.

Her Nice Approved page covers a list of businesses Amber is happy to recommend to her audience. If you have a resource you think would be relevant to the page, you could reach out to see what she thinks of your site.

To get in touch to discuss any beneficial opportunities, use the contact form.

Links to sites like Lifehack.org, Fastcompany.com and 5figurechallenge.com

Twelve Skip – 228,500 Monthly Visitors

Twelve Skip helps bloggers and small business owners increase their visibility by using internet marketing tactics such as content marketing, SEO, social media marketing and email marketing.

The site reaches an estimated 340,000 unique visitors who visit 470,000 pages each month.

Guest posts are accepted providing you meet a few guidelines including a minimum of 600 or 1,200 words (depending on the article). If your article is approved and published, you can add up to two links to your bio.

Sponsored content, product reviews, and banner ads are all available advertising avenues to pick up a link and drive traffic to your site.

Comments are provided via the Disqus platform so you wont receive direct traffic and ‘link juice’ but comments should really be seen as a way to join in the conversion and interact with other readers.

Links to sites like Etsy.com, Ebates.com and Fameswap.com

Beta Page – 12,500 Monthly Visitors

Beta Page gives new startups an opportunity to put their product or service in front of a community of fellow startup founders and investors.

The site doesn’t reach a huge amount of visitors each month but they’re all seemingly there to discover new websites.

You can submit your product or startup by signing up on this page.

If you offer a product or service that caters to startups, you can also get mentioned in the Beta Page blog.

Blog posts do allow comments, making this yet another resource where you can interact with the community and perhaps find people coming back to your site.

Links to sites like Squareshot.co, Trellislab.com and Teamtalk.io

StartupBros – 204,000 Monthly Visitors

Founded by Will Mitchell, the owner of Startup Bros has quite a story: By 18 he had already made 6-figures online by buying and selling products from China.

StartupBros is now made up of a team of entrepreneurs who want to help others be successful online. Their blog publishes actionable how-to guides inspired by real-world successes and failures in business.

There are quite a few great link opportunities on this resources page. It links out to a number of separate pages with tools and services for sales and marketing, website design, and internet marketing products and services.

If you have any relevant tool or service yourself, it may be worth getting in touch to see if you can be featured as well.

Will’s contact form is likely the easiest way to get in touch.

The contact page says that guest posting isn’t allowed, but Will is available as a podcast guest or for text-based interviews. Without thinking about what’s in it for you, he could be a great person to interview for your own site.

The page states StartupBros are also open to advertising and promotional inquiries so if you have a budget to spend, this could be another angle you take.

Comments are open on each blog post, which could be a smart way to get involved in the community.

Links to sites like Thenextweb.com, Alibaba.com and Addevent.com

Launching Next – 42,000 Monthly Visitors

Launching Next is a platform that covers new startups. Submissions and listings are free (if you’re approved) but the process may be slow. If you’re impatient or in a rush, you can pay $49 to have you site reviewed within one business day.  

This page will take you through the submission process.

Another idea, if you have the time, is to go through all of the recent sites on Launching Next and delve into their backlink profiles to see other places they been picking up links from.

They also have a blog section which includes articles that you can leave relevant comments on.

Their Facebook group can be found here if you wish to engage with other new webmasters looking to promote their startups.

Links to sites like Startuprs.com and Nomadprojects.io

Bplans – 371,000 Monthly Visitors

Bplans helps entrepreneurs by providing free business plan templates, business planning resources, how-to articles, and other relevant support to aid business creation and growth.

The site is visited by over one million people each month and boasts an impressive 300,000 email subscribers.

Guest posts are welcome with a link to your website and social media profile provided you meet certain criteria which include a) articles are 1,000 words or more, b) you don’t use anchor text links, and c) your post isn’t promotional in nature.

They also offer advertising options to drive traffic to your site if you have a budget.

As with many sites, they use Disqus for comments so you won’t get any link juice from getting involved, but that’s not what comments should be used for anyway.

If you wish to get in touch with the team behind BPlans you can use their contact form, here.

Links to sites like Liveplan.com, Etsy.com and Upwork.com

Tech.co – 730,000 Monthly Visitors

Tech.co is media, community and events organisation for creatives, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts.

It features news and events that are likely to be of interest to tech and startup circles.

Their blog content features list-style posts that link out to tools and resources. You can see an example of this here. If you have a relevant tool or resource, you could ask for it to be included in a future list.

The site encourages guest contributions. Posts must be between 400 and 600 words which is a fairly odd number but that’s their rules. There also have strict rules regarding linking to your own site so be sure to read their guidelines before making a submission.

They display advertising though Google Adsense so you could target the site directly with Google’s Adwords offering.

The company also offer opportunities to sponsor their events. If you are interested in that, you can find more information on their advertising page.

If you would like to tip the team off about a possible news story, you can do so here.

For all other queries and possible collaborations you can use their contact form.

Links to sites like Bannersnack.com, Addthis.com and Wix.com

Wishpond – 723,500 Monthly Visitors

Wishpond are a company focused on providing marketing software.

The offering makes it easy to do everything from creating landing pages and contests to managing leads and automating campaigns.

Their blog frequently covers topics like A/B testing, landing page optimisation and social media marketing.

They’re open to comments so that’s one way to get involved in the community.

The blog regularly features list-style posts that link out to tools and resources. You can see an example of that here. If you have a product or resource that might be of interest, you could introduce it to the Wishpond team. They certainly don’t seem to be adverse to linking out.

The site has accepted guest posts in the past which you can see an example of here. Current guest posting policy is unclear, so if you have an idea for a guest post you could pitch it to the team and see their response.

They frequently link out to their own press and web coverage so if you have the opportunity to mention Wishpond, you could find yourself featured on this page.

If you would like to get in touch with the Wishpond team you can do so by using the contact form.

Links to sites like Woopra.com, Backlinko.com and Spyfu.com

Dating & Romance Link Opportunities

I’m not involved in this space personally and if you aren’t either, you may be surprised to see how huge this niche actually is.

Below I’ve highlighted some of the more interesting traffic and link opportunities in this field and the sites that offer them.

Smart Bitches offers a number of advertising opportunities for relevant websites

The Dating Divas is committed to strengthening the marriages of their audience and focus on offering a paid ‘VIP marriage club’.

They offer fun and practical advice on things like dating tips, relationship advice and family activities.

The blog articles on the site accept comments, so leaving a thoughtful contribution can result in a link back to your site.

Advertising options exist on The Dating Divas, but you need to contact them here to learn how to get in front of their 61,000 newsletter subscribers.

Throughout the site there are a number of affiliate links, especially on their ‘favorite things’ page. If you have an appropriate product for their audience, you could ask for it to be featured also.

The site features a page where they highlight sites that they’ve been featured on. If you talk about Dating Divas on your own site you may just find them talking about you as well.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books is a site dedicated providing brutally honest reviews of romance and relationship novels.

The reviews on the site have comments enabled with a form field for your URL, so if you enjoyed a review you could share your appreciation and receive a (nofollowed) link in return.

Smart Bitches has a weekly podcast in which they interview a whole host of people. If you have a similar site about romance or literature, they may be interested in having you on the show.

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities both exist on the site, with a contact form to inquire about the possibility. Further details can be found here.

The site is also open to featuring relevant books, so that’s another opportunity if you’ve written anything in this space, though do be prepared for some potentially brutal feedback.

Links to sites likes Passionflix.com

Suzie, the Single Dating Diva, is determined to help you attract the love you desire.

The site covers a whole host of topics from online dating to dating in later life. Dating coaching is also offered.

Suzie has a regular podcast in which she invites guests onto the show, so there may be an opportunity for you to be featured there.

Comments are accepted on the blog for a short time after each article is published. This can be a great way to leave a valuable interaction to appreciate the content released.

Guest post applications are encouraged, with Suzie stating “I am always looking for great content to share with my readers“.

All published articles remain on her blogroll and you’ll receive a link back to your site in the bio. For further details and to inquire, more information is provided here.

Alpha Male Lifestyle is a male orientated blog covering a variety of topics like fitness, money, fashion and of course, dating.

The articles on the site have comments enabled, so leaving an insightful comment can result in a link back to your site.

Alpha Male Lifestyle is looking for regular bloggers on the site to cover a range of topics which include dating and relationship advice.

Links are allowed to the sites of authors. Further details on guest posting can be found here.

Advertising options exist on the site, if you feel that your brand would benefit from reaching the Alpha Male audience then you can find more details here.

Hitched – 211,800 Monthly Visitors

HitchedMag.com aims to entertain, educate and inspire marriages.

The site discusses thinks like financial, sexual and relationship aspects of marriage via their blog, newsletter and podcast.

Hitched have a marriage resources directory which features relevant businesses. You can list your website and receive a link back to your site for around $91 per year. Further details can be found here.

The website has an events calendar featuring any upcoming marriage or family related events so if you have something which may be applicable to the Hitched audience you can add that here.

Hitched features articles written by a number of different authors, each of whom receive a link back to their own site in their article bio. To enquire about becoming a guest author you can email feedback AT hitchedmag.com for further details.

Various sponsorship and advertising angles appear on the site. Though there are no specific details with costs and requirements, there is an advertising page for further information on how to apply.

Links to sites like Loverherright.com, Hot-to-save-marraige.org and Goodcleanlove.com

The Urban Dater is a blog covering online dating, relationships and sex.

As the site has grown it has built up an active following thanks to its many stories covering real life experiences.

Guest posts are encouraged on the site to help keep up the regular flow of content.

Guest posts must be at least 500 words and relevant to the Urban Dater audience. Further details can be found on this page.

There are a number of opportunities that exist to advertise on the Urban Dater including banner advertising, blogroll links, affiliate product advertising and sponsored blog posts.

General advertising starts at just $75 with sponsored content starting at $175, you can find more details and a contact form to inquire here.

Seriously Maybe is a relationship blog which covers a range of topics under that umbrella including love, marriage, sex and even dealing with cheating.

Comments are enabled on all blog posts on the site, so leaving a thoughtful contribution can result in a backlink. Even though they’re no-followed, they can still send traffic.

Guest posts are featured on the site under the ‘guest blogs’ page. You can inquire about writing for Seriously, Maybe by completing their contact form, here.

The site features a ‘blogroll’ in the right sidebar containing likes to other relationship sites. If you have a relevant site in the space you could reach out about being featured here.

Links to sites like Getyourexback.co

DrJaneGreer.com is a site dedicated to providing advice on love, life and relationships.

It includes Dr. Jane’s weekly podcast, articles and examples of advice Jane has given elsewhere.

The site has a contact form at the bottom of the homepage which encourages those interested in guest posting to get in touch.

The weekly podcast includes a schedule for upcoming guests, so these are likely recorded well in advance.

This schedule allows you to see whether there are opportunities to be featured on the show if you feel you have value to offer the sites’ audience.

Jane has published a list of times that she or her work has been featured elsewhere online. If it is appropriate to feature Jane on your site then you may well also receive a link back in return.

Open Minded – 29,700 Monthly Visitors

OpenMinded was created to be a stigma-free environment for open relationships.

It aims to bring ease and flexibility to the world of online dating for those looking for multiple partners.

The site operates a blog and allows comments to be posted. Leaving a meaningful contribution can result in a link back to your site.

OpenMinded is looking for guest posts if they suit the audience of the site. You can submit your writing here for the chance to get it published on the site.

There is a press page on the site which links out to all of the positive online mentions they’ve received. If you are able to link out to OpenMinded.com from your site then may receive a backlink in return.

Links to sites like Pof.com

LisaMerloBooth.com was created to help people transform both their lives and their relationships.

The site features a blog, freebies and also the possibility of personal coaching from Lisa herself.

The articles on the site have comments enabled, so if you are able to leave a valuable contribution this can lead to a link back to your site.

Lisa also links back to various features she has appeared in online on the press page. If you are able to feature Lisa or the website for the fantastic advice it offers, on your own website, this could well lead to a link back to you in return.

Design & Development Link Opportunities

I’ve probably had more fun finding link opportunities for this niche than any other as the types of sites I find are often incredibly creative.

After all, the people behind the sites are designers and developers so it makes sense that they would push the boundaries when it comes to what you can do online.

UXMovement offers a variety of ways to promote your own site or service

UX Movement – 31,500 Monthly Visitors

UX Movement is a blog that covers user interface design.

Created by founder Anthony, UX Movement features articles that cover all aspects of UX including of online forms, navigation and the design of content and buttons.

Anthony encourages commenters to justify their point of view or a comment is unlikely to be approved, but if the topic is a real interest of yours, comments provide an opportunity to get involved.

The site features a resources section which links out to valuable, related resources. If you have something that might be of interest you could draw it to Anthony’s attention.

The site encourages guest posts although ‘promotional backlinking’ is not allowed. You should read the guidelines before making a submission.

Sponsored posts are allowed on the site and you can see examples here. If you have a product or service that might be a good fit you could arrange a sponsorship by learning more about the offering here.

If you would like to get in touch with Anthony to discuss any opportunities of how you can work together, you can use the contact form.

Links to sites like Patternry.com, Smileycat.com and Zurb.com

The Daily WTF – 265,000 Monthly Visitors

The Daily WTF is a “How Not To” guide for software developers. The site documents development nightmares from disastrous project management to in-explainable coding choices.

You can submit articles and stories using their submission form, or directly to the Editor-in-chief, Remy Porter.

Comments can be left on all the articles though keep in mind there isn’t a field to include your website URL so use comments to contribute and get involved in the community, rather than promote anything.

Some advertising and sponsorship options are available. You can find out more by contacting Tim Sylvia using this form.

Links to sites like Lockerdome.com, Hired.com and Spring.io

CSS Light – 19,000 Monthly Visitors

CSS Light is a gallery which showcases attractive CSS websites.

The gallery categorises sites under a number of broad categories including business, technology, blogs, travel, sports and weddings.

Three different options to submit your site are available:

The first option is free version but has an expected delay of one week.

The second option costs $15 and gets your website featured in a directory and promoted through their social media channels.

A third $120 option sees your website featured in first position in their gallery for 15 days. It will also be included in an email to CSS Light’s 22,000+ subscribers.

Comments are able to be left in the galleries themselves via the Disqus platform, so there’s no link juice that’s going to be passed but you should view comments as an engagement opportunity, rather than a link building one.

There is a link for advertising options but this goes straight to their contact page. There doesn’t appear to be any advertising on the website, so this could be an opportunity you’d want to explore.

Links to sites like Anarieldesign.com, Rule-of-three.co.uk and Theemon.com

Code Newbie – 30,000 Monthly Visitors

Code Newbie is a community of programmers with the aim of supporting people to learn and improve their coding skills.

Every Wednesday at 9pm EST a ‘Twitter Chat’ takes place to help people have their coding questions answered. This can be a great way to get involved and potentially share any resources you have that can benefit those looking for support, as well as building relationships at the same time.

The forum is also a great way to connect with people interested in the same things as you.

They put together a resources page which shares the best tutorial sites online, if you have resources which could benefit the audience then you can click ‘Share a Resource‘ to submit your website.

Although the blog hasn’t been updated since January 2017, the podcast releases a new episode each week. This could be a fantastic opportunity to be interviewed like many of their other guests and receive a link back to your site in return.

There is no advertising on the site as they rely on Patreon as a form of income.

Links to sites like Railsbridge.org, Girldevelopit.com and Patreon.com

CSS Winner – 28,600 Monthly Visitors

CSS Winner is a website where users can submit their website designs. It promotes web designers, developers and agencies.

It costs $9 to submit a site. As well as being featured on their website, you’ll also receive a profile which features a link back to your site.

If your site wins an award, you’ll receive additional mentions and links. They offer “Site of the Day” award which gets winners featured on their homepage and social media accounts.

There is also advertising available on the site via BuySellAds. Some of the ad formats are currently sold out, which is promising (the ads must work), but large banner ads are available for $0.70 CPM.

CSS winner also features a blog and it looks like they accept guest posts / featured posts which link back to the author’s website. You can contact them for further details about this.

Links to sites like Carnival.com, Codespark.ca and Digitalnation.it

CreativePro – 132,000 Monthly Visitors

CreativePro is an online resource for creative professionals.

They feature content for all creative types but specifically web designers, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators.

A number of different advertising opportunities exist on the site.  There is a “Sponsors” section on the websites sidebar which features banner ads, but they also offer sponsored posts, and features in podcasts and videocasts.

You can learn more about these opportunities (and find their contact details) on their advertising page.

There are many “How To” and tutorial articles that appear to be guest posts. The authors link back to their own websites through their bios.

Although there is not a page for submitting guest posts, you could use this contact form or this active Twitter account to get in touch and inquire about opportunities.

All the articles on CreativePro have a comments section which provides an opportunity to engage with their community.

Links to sites like Zhongwen.com, Colorburned.com and Mandarintools.com

CSS Based – 5,000 Monthly Visitors

CSS Based is an online gallery and resource for web designers, developers, and agencies. They aim to promote, discuss and inspire best practices for web design.

Users can submit their own website (or the website of others) for free, with approved submissions receiving a link back to the both the designer and the submitter.

As well as using their submission form, you can submit websites by tweeting a url to @cssbased on Twitter.

There are also paid submissions for either $6 or $20 which are said to be reviewed (and possibly approved) much quicker. These submissions receive a “Do-follow” backlink and will be promoted through CSS Based’s Twitter profile.

There are a number of articles and tutorials on the website, but nothing has been added since 2014.

In light of this, contacting them and pitching a guest post could either be lucrative or fruitless.

Links to sites like Ninja.com

Creative Beacon is a general blog about subject of web design.

Featuring recommended WordPress themes, plugins and their own design tutorials, comments are enabled on their updates so that’s one way you can get involved in the community.

Creative Bacon offers a submit a link section. This allows you to submit your website which has the chance to be featured.

There are two links on their right-hand sidebar that appear to be sponsored links.

There’s also a forum, where users can sign up to register and can then submit links to useful resources.

The site accepts advertising, guest posts and partnerships. For further information on these opportunities you can reach out to the site’s owner on Twitter or email James with his public address below.

Links to sites like Nkurence.com, Freepsdfiles.net and Fontsquirrel.com

Spyre Studios – 38,500 Monthly Visitors

Spyre Studios brands itself as web design and development magazine.

It features tools, tutorials, reviews and resources to help web designers make beautiful websites.

Comments are not generally accepted on blog posts on the site, though guest posts are encouraged. You can find out more information about guest posting here.

There have various resource posts that link out to a variety of tools and resources in the web design niche. If you have a relevant resource, you could ask for it to be included in future content.

You can advertise on the site through banner ads which are sold via BuySellAds.

They also offer other advertising options such as giveaways, sponsorships and product reviews. If you would like to discuss opportunities, you can use their contact form to get in touch.

Links to sites like Tympanus.net, Dotcms.com and Flyerheroes.com

Learn To Code With Me was created by self-taught coder Laurence Bradford.

Through her blog and podcast, she aims to make things easier for people who are teaching themselves to code. She wants to show people which languages (and aspects of those languages) to learn, and how to use this new knowledge to improve their lives.

Her newsletter has an impressive following with more than 15,600 subscribers.

Lauren is actively looking for advertisers on her website and podcast. There are further details and an email address for contacting her on this page.

There is also the opportunity to sponsor the site through Sponsorama.

Laurence is also actively seeking people to write for her website. Authors can include up to two backlinks to their own sites for free. You can read this page for further information.

The site has a recommended tools page which features many coding and Internet-related tools. It seems contacting her is the way to get your product or service included there.

Be sure to read the bottom of the Contact Page, because it contains some clear guidance for those wishing to pitch ideas to Laurence.

Links to sites like Codecademy.com, Freecodecamp.com and Codewars.com

Gaming Link Opportunities

Although I used to be really into Fifa and similar games when I was young, I don’t trust myself to play games these days.

A few years ago I had a short-spell with Civilization V which was quickly uninstalled after seeing my life disappear, so it’s hard to ‘relate’ to this niche these days, but I can’t deny the size of the market.

Tiny Cartridge offers a unique link building opportunity via Patreon.

Gaming Latest – 8,300 Monthly Visitors

Gaming Latest is one of the smaller gaming forums out there but appears to have quite a close-knit community.

Their advertising page allows gamers to promote their Youtube / Twitch pages.

The forum allows links to be posted in threads, or added as signature links, but of course don’t forget that you should look to participate in the community and be an active member, rather than just looking to benefit yourself.

As the community is small but fairly active, it’s the kind of place where you could bring something to the table if you have value, insights or help to offer and quickly get noticed.

Tiny Cartridge – 164,000 Monthly Visitors

Tiny Cartridge was launched in 2008 and is an authority on all things hand-held gaming.

The site publishes articles up to four times per day and also has an accompanying podcast.

Articles on the site allow comments via the Disqus platform.

Tiny Cartridge also have a patrons page in which they thank each of the people that donate to the site via Patreon, in order to keep the website running.

You can donate to the page for as little as $1 per month to thank them for the great work that they are doing. In return you will be featured on their patrons page.

Instead of your name appearing, they offer a link back to your website. In fact, they specifically state “if you want your name here to link to a certain site, just let us know!”

Links to sites like Feheroes.gamepedia.com and Stylehatch.com

Giant Bomb – 13.6 Million Monthly Visitors

Giantbomb is a blog and community for all things video game related. The site features videos, podcasts and reviews of various games and equipment.

GiantBomb.com is owned by Gamespot creator CBS Interactive.

Articles on the site allow comments if you wish to get involved within the community.

The site also features a very active community. By signing up to the forum you will be able to build relationships and start conversations with others. You can also add a link to your website through your user profile and your forum signature.

Advertising options exist on the site through CBS Interactive, further details of which can be found here.

The site also has a specific email address for anyone interested in forming a working partnership with GiantBomb.com. You can contact cbsi-partnerships@cbsinteractive.com for further details.

Links to sites like Qlcrew.com, Neogaf.coma and Gamefaqs.com

Minecraft Forum – 16 Million Monthly Visitors

MineCraftForum.net is a site dedicated to all things Minecraft.

The site includes a forum, blog, guides and Minecraft-related updates. Perfect for fans of the game.

Comments are open for articles on the site if you wish to contribute to the community.

When you create a profile on the Minecraft forum, you have the option to include a link back to your site within your user bio, as well as including a link within your forum signature.

Their forum is very active and has over 50,000 members that contribute to discussions.

Advertising options exist on the site via Curse, further details of which can be found here which also reveal their audience demographics.

Links to sites like Gamespot.com , Neogaf.com and Samurai-gamers.com

Indie Gamer – 30,000 Monthly Visitors

Indie Gamer was developed to create a dedicated community for indie game developers, artists and composers.

The site has an active forum which covers topics such as game design, indie business, game developments and more specific topics.

You can sign up to their forums to engage with other members, with the opportunity to add a link to your own website within your forum bio.

The website features a classifieds page for anyone looking to post announcements, looking to hire people and offer your own services. This could be a great way to build traffic to a new development, or create awareness to a new press release you put out.

Links to sites like Freakoutgames.com, Gamespy.com and Mediafire.com

MMORPG – 5.3 Million Monthly Visitors

MMORPG.com was created to provide latest news, features and a community to the MMORPG genre of gaming.

The site features reviews, videos, streams and an active forum for the MMORPG audience.

Advertising is available on the site in various forms. Sponsored content within posts is also provided as a service. Full advertising and sponsorship details can be found on this page.

Users of the site can create a profile which will allow you to leave a contribution to any blog articles.

Once you’ve created a profile you can contribute to the site via your own blog posts, which can be a great way to not only build your presence online but also gain new backlinks as well.

When you register for the forum you have the opportunity to add your website link to your author bio, but be sure to offer value to the forums.

Links to sites like Secretworldlegends.com, Crowfall.com and Ashesofcreation.com

GameSpot – 50.4 Million Monthly Visitors

Gamespot.com is a leading resource of reviews, news and latest release information for video games.

The site covers PC games and console gaming through their forum, videos and articles.

Creating a forum profile will not only allow you to engage with others in the community, but there is also an option to include a link to your website within the ‘about’ section of your author bio.

Once again make sure you contribute to the community and don’t just look to gain something for yourself.

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities exist on the site which can help your brand reach a huge new audience. Further details on the exact breakdown of the site’s audience are provided.

Links to sites like Playstation.com, Giantbomb.com and Gog.com

AdventureGamers.com is the largest English-language site in the world dedicated to the adventure game genre.

The site covers game releases and reviews, as well as walkthroughs and guides for titles old and new.

Comments are available on the sites’ articles if you wish to make a contribution to the community.

The forum has almost 20,000 members who have contributed over 140,000 posts. By signing up to the forum you will be able to engage with others and also include a link to your own site within the user profile you create.

Advertising is available on Adventure Gamers, giving you the chance to reach up to 180,000 monthly visitors. Their key audience demographic and further details on how to apply for advertising can be found here.

The site is actively looking for guest contributions on their blog, details of which can be found here.

Links to sites like Adventuregamestudio.co.uk, Indiegamenews.com and Kongregate.com

Game FAQs – 114 Millions Monthly Visitors

Game FAQs covers reviews and discussions of video games across all platforms.

The site features a blog and also an active community.

You can join the GameFAQs.com forum to engage with others and build relationships, signing up here will also allow you to add a link to your site in your author bio and forum signature.

The site actively encourages contributors to the site. You can submit guides, walkthroughs, reviews and even information about your own games or products. Further details can be found on this contributor page.

Advertising is available on the site and further details can be found on this page.

Links to sites like Playstationtrophies.org, Gamespot.com and Neogaf.com

Health & Fitness Link Opportunities

With over 500 link opportunities available in my database for the health niche, it was hard to select just 10 examples for this article, but here’s a varied selection of some of my favourites.

PaleoHacks reaches 1.3 million visitors each month

Fitness and Power is a bodybuilding and fitness blog featuring workout routines, nutrition guides, exercises and more.

They accept comments but be sure to write something thoughtful and relevant if you’re going to also include your link (in the form field, not as part of the comment).

Guest posts aren’t actively sought but they are considered, so you can pitch any topic ideas you want to write about.

The site links out to products that it reviews in the fitness and bodybuilding niche, such as supplements and fitness gear. Some of these links are affiliate links. If you have a relevant product or service you could ask for it to be reviewed and featured on the site.

The site also offers advertising opportunities if you’re open to paying for traffic to your products or services, or just to grow your reach.

Links to sites like Autohance.com, Timezoff.com and Nategreen.org

Carrots ‘N’ Cake is a site ran by a woman named Tina who shares her love of food, staying fit, and living a healthy life.

Her latest blogs can be found on the homepage, which are open to people leaving comments

She also has a shop on the site which you can find here.  

Tina is open to people submitting their products for possible inclusion in the store.

You can see the site accepts sponsored posts here, with the submission process documented on her  contact page.

Links to sites like Rstyle.me, Fitnessista.com and Cronometer.com

Fit Bottomed Mamas is a site for mothers who are raising children.

It features content on losing baby weight, entertaining children and the ups and downs of staying fit when pregnant.

The blog accepts comments, but be sure to leave something valuable and / or thoughtful before including any links or you may have your comment marked as spam.

Some of her blog posts link out to products and services which can include affiliate links. If you have a relevant product or service you could ask for it to be featured in a similar way.

Guest posts feature on the site. You can see examples here. If you have an idea for a guest post you could pitch your idea to see if she’s interested in publishing it.

There’s also a “Trending Stories From Sites We Heart” section on the right-hand sidebar. They are powered by PubExchange. You could enquire about being added to this list.

The site accepts advertising. Advertisers can choose from banner ads, sponsored text links, in-post advertising and general sponsorships. If you would like more information you send them an email.

Fit Bottomed Mamma’s contact details can be found here.

Links to sites like Titlenine.com, Fitbottomedgirls.com and Fithealthymoms.com

BoxRox – 87,600 Monthly Visitors

BoxRox is a competitive fitness magazine featuring information on training, nutrition and exercise plans.

Their reviews section links out to various products in the fitness niche.

Guest contributions are welcome. You can find out more information about contributing to the site, here.

The site links out to “Must Read Books” from the right-hand sidebar. If you have a fitness-related book you could ask for it to be added to the list.

The site accepts advertising and sponsorships as a way to get in front of their 250,000 monthly readers. Advertising is handled through BuySellAds. You can find out more information on the opportunities available here.

If you would like to get in touch you can use their contact form.

Links to sites like Freeletics.com, Wodconnect.com and Aerobiccapacity.com

Youniverse – 290,100 Monthly Visitors

Youniverse is a fitness site presented by YouFit Health Clubs.

The blog, which accepts comments as a way for you to get involved in the community, covers topics such as fitness, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

The blog links out to products that it recommends. You can see examples of that here and here. If you have a relevant product you could ask for it to be featured in future content.

The site features guest posts. You can see examples here. If you’re interested in writing for the site, there’s definitely an opportunity to pitch your health-related content ideas.

If you would like to get in touch you can use their contact form.

Links to sites like Myiclubonline.com, Foodnetwork.com and Myrecipes.com

Paleohacks – 1.3 Million Monthly Visitors

Paleohacks aims to provide the tools and inspiration to make the best paleo-related decisions for your body.

The homepage consists of a ‘questions forum’ where users can post questions or answer the queries of others. There may be a link opportunity here if you’re open to getting involved in the community.

Their blog, which offers comment opportunities, can be found here.

They also have a podcast which can be found here. If you’re interested in health and fitness, and specifically have your own thoughts on ‘going paleo’ then there could be an opportunity for you to be a guest on the show.

Their resources page lists several recommended websites so if you have something specifically related to the topic you might stand a chance of being featured.

Guests posts are accepted.  Click here to learn more about their guidelines and submission process.

Links to sites like Printfriendly.com, Jesselanewellness.com and Paleogrubs.com

Edge Magazine – 24,500 Monthly Visitors

The Edge Magazine, also referred to as ‘The Edge’, is both an online and offline magazine dedicated to holistic living.

The site covers topics such as divine consciousness, healing and different forms of meditation.

The blog is open to commenters so if you’re willing to engage with thoughtful replies to their articles, you could pick up links and send traffic to your site.

Guest posts are also welcome. Content should be 700 words or less. We recommend reading their guidelines before making a submission.

Their site hosts a podcast which accepts guest presenters. If you have an idea for a show, you can get in touch with your suggestions.

The site accepts advertising. The publication reaches 40,000 people in print and 10,000 people online every month. You can find more information about advertising opportunities here.

Their Advertisers This Month page links out to current advertisers.

If you would like to get in touch you can use the contact form.

Links to sites like Constantcontact.com, Oneholisticwellness.com and Edgelife.net

Spot Me Bro – 212,600 Monthly Visitors

Spot Me Bro describes itself as a “digital men’s lifestyle platform.”

It features all the latest news, workouts, and techniques from the world of weightlifting and bodybuilding.

The site is looking for writers who are able to contribute on an ongoing basis. You can find more information about that here.

The site links out other sites that are ‘friends’ of Spot Me Bro. If you built a relationship with owners and writers on the site you could be added to the list here.

Their reviews section features reviews on supplements, fat burners and other related products. If you have a relevant product you could ask for it to be reviewed and included on the site.

Their coupons section features deals and promotions on various fitness-related products. If you have a relevant product that you would like to promote you could offer to run an exclusive promotion to their audience.

Their awards section showcases the best weightlifting nutrition products available. If you have a relevant product you could ask for it to be included in future awards.

Spot Me Bro also accepts advertising, giving you an opportunity to get in front of their more than 1 million strong audience. If you are interested in placing an ad you can get in touch using this form.

If you would like to get in touch you can use their contact form.

Links to sites like Bodybuilding.com, Testofuel.com and Primemale.com

Medical News Today presents the latest health research and opinion from leading universities and journals from around the world.

It covers health conditions such as depression, orthopaedics, cancer, nutrition, respiratory issues and recognising the signs of a stroke.

Articles are open to comments if you have valuable and insightful feedback to share on their writing.

Guest posts and / or media releases are encouraged. Be sure to read their guidelines before making a submission.

Readers can ask questions and share their knowledge in the sites’ forum. If you can add to the conversation, you could register, make a contribution and get a link in return.

The site also accepts advertising which you can learn more about here.

If you would like to get in touch you can find contact details here.

Links to sites like Mayoclinic.org, Rxeconsult.com and Cancer.org

Muscle and Brawn is a weightlifting and bodybuilding blog.

Ran by Mick Madden, it features muscle building plans, strength building plans, powerlifting plans and other guides to building muscle.

Their blog is open to comments if you are interested in contributing to the discussion which could send traffic back to your own website.

The site also accepts guest posts of which you can see an example of here. Their guest post policy isn’t really stated but if you build a relationship with Mick first, the chances of having a guest post accepted is much higher.

The site forum allows members to chat and exchange knowledge. The forum isn’t very active but if you could add value, you could build up a profile and possibly get people talking about your site in return.

The site features advertising though doesn’t say exactly how you can advertise there as well. That said, their email address is written on their website (and mentioned below).

Links to sites like Anabolicminds.com, Tigerfitness.com and Ironaddicts.com

Jobs & Careers Link Opportunities

With Google recently entering the jobs space, companies like Indeed who currently dominate the market are likely going to struggle to maintain their massive search traffic numbers.

That said, if you’re focused on something more niche than helping anyone find jobs, there are lots of link and traffic opportunities in this field if you know where (and you’re willing) to look.

Executive Resumes offer guest post and blogroll link opportunities.

Ask A Manager – 2.1 Million Monthly Visitors

Ask a Manager was created by Alison Green and offers advice on both careers and management.

Alison shares her experience of hiring, firing and managing others to help the sites growing audience.

Advertising is available on the site, further details of which can be found by emailing erik AT monumetric.com.

For other enquiries involving sponsorships and possible brand partnerships, they recommend contacting AskAManagerAds AT Mediakix.com to learn more.

Comments are available on their articles so that’s one way to get engaged in the community and stand out in your niche.

Links to sites like Inc.com, Politicsandwar.com and Flexispot.com

Keppie Careers is a site dedicated to helping others grow their own career.

Created by Miriam Salpeter, Miriam uses her 19 years of experience to share her knowledge and advice for the benefit of others.

The site features a blogroll which lists dozens of sites from other authors in the space. There could be the possibility of being featured here if you create a relationship with her.

Keppie Careers has been featured in a huge number of outlets online due to the quality of their frequent updates.

If you find an opportunity to talk about the site on a relevant article, you may find yourself receiving a link from their ‘quoted in’ page.

The articles on the site have comments enabled, providing another opportunity to get involved with their audience.

Links to sites like Campus-to-career.com and Forbes.com

Campus to Career was created to prepare the next generation for their future careers.

Started by Kirk Baumann, the site shares his personal experience recruiting for top companies.

The site accepts guest posts, which can be a great way to build an online presence and receive a backlink to your site. Further details on the guidelines to get published on the site can be found here.

Articles have comments enabled, if you wish to get involved in the community that way.

If you have the opportunity to cover any of Kirk’s work on your own site, this could result in a link from his ‘notable mentions’ page.

Links to sites like Earnest.com and Moz.com

Exclusive Executive Resumes is a professional resumé creation service.

The site, created by Erin Kennedy, aims to help others create resumés they can be proud of.

There is a blogroll in the footer of the site featuring other career-related websites. You can contact Erin to inquire about being featured within this section if you have an appropriate resource.

Before getting in touch, I would recommend contributing to the site first and getting involved in the community by, say, leaving comments on new blog posts.

Guest posts are featured on the site with a page dedicated to them, found here. Once again you can inquire with Erin with any content ideas you feel may be suitable for her audience.

Links to sites like Careertrend.net and Jennifermcclure.net

Yes and Yes – 202,100 Monthly Visitors

Yes and Yes was started by Sarah Von Bargen as a lifestyle blog.

It now covers a variety of aspects such as careers, finance and happiness.

Sarah offers others the opportunity to guest post on Yes and Yes, especially if your article is a true story related to careers or development. You can find further information on what she would like to see, here.

Both advertising and sponsorship opportunities exist on the site. Sarah has put together a specific page offering further details on both.

Comments are also available on the articles on the site; leaving a thoughtful and engaging comment is one way to start getting involved in her growing community.

Links to sites like Etsy.com, Preciousmoments.com and Onlinevolunteering.org

Live Career – 10.3 Million Monthly Visitors

Live Career is a service which helps prepare you to be successful with future job applications.

The site offers advice and guidance in building resumés, cover letters and even offers tips for nailing your next job interview.

The website features a company directory where you can add your business and include a link to your site in the listing.

There is also the option to post relevant job adverts on the website if your company is hiring.

Links to sites like Paymentamerica.com and Iufoundation.org

Brazen – 404,000 Monthly Visitors

Brazen is a type of chat software which helps connect employers to employees, as well as recruiters to candidates.

In essence it can make personal interactions efficient and scalable.

The site has showed so much initial potential that it recently raised $4.7 million in funding.

Comments are available on the blog articles, so leaving thoughtful and value-giving comments could help you stand out.

The site is also open to guest posts. If you’re interested in writing for Brazen, full details can be found here.

If you are able to feature Brazen within the content on your own website, then they may return the favour by mentioning you on their ‘in the news’ page.

Links to site like Nytech.org, Udacity.com and Codefellows.org

Classy Career Girl is a site aimed at helping women achieve career fulfilment.

The site provides a blog, free resources and even bootcamps to help their target audience achieve career-related success.

Advertising and sponsorship inquiries are available, with the recommendation to email info AT classycareergirl.com for further details and pricing.

Classy Career girl accepts guest posts on their blog, providing a substantial list of guidelines for anyone considering writing for them. They even offer article topic suggestions such as ‘Internship tips’ and ‘Celebrity CEOs’.

There is also a Classy Career Girl Network which offers support and motivation to members. This could be a fantastic place to not only offer advice and stewardship, but also build your own online presence at the same time. Further details can be found here.

Links to sites like Passionplanner.com, Dailygreatness.co and Loveyourcareerformula.com

Ms Career Girl is a site which aims to guide women on their path to a more fulfilling career.

They offer advice for women, by women, with the goal of mentoring and empowering them to the top.

Comments are active on all of the site articles, which is often a good way to start getting involved in a new community.

Newsletter placements, banner ads and also brand partnerships are all advertising options on the site. Sponsored posts are also offered on site. You can contact info AT mscareergirl for further information and pricing.

The site lists 29 women as columnists and contributors to the site, showing that guest posts are certainly a possibility (if you’re a woman). If you feel like you can offer value to the site then you can get in touch to inquire about writing for them.

There’s also a media page which links out to the coverage that the site has received online. If there’s ever a time you could cover Ms Career Girl then you could potentially appear on this page as well.

Links to sites like Levo.com, Midamericacareers.com and Resumes.expert

Career Shifters is a resource designed to provide inspiration and guidance in finding fulfilling employment.

The small team who run the site share their own experiences of changing careers to create a step-by-step guide for others.

The site allows guest posts with certain criteria attached — they’re currently looking for posts that share an inspiring story rather than a generic article. Further details about contributions can be found here.

Career Shifters feature an extensive list of occasions they have been featured by others. If relevant and you’re able so write about Career Shifters on your website then this may well result in a link back to your own site.

The articles on the website allow comments via the Disqus platform, which is always a good way to start getting involved in a community.

Links to sites like Humanmetrics.com and Findingpotential.com

Finance Link Opportunities

I spent a lot of time in the finance niche when working on my live case study so it was great to revisit some of the sites in my database.

As I said in the case study, I’ve never had much interest in the personal finance space – at least online – but did get a little carried away with finding out about all the sites in the industry.

Rockstar Finance is about curating the best blogs and articles in the finance niche

Rockstar Finance was founded by J Money, who is also behind Budgets Are Sexy.

Rockstar Finance’s mission is to share the best content in the personal finance space, so there’s no harm in trying to get featured in their recommendations if you have good content to offer.

Any personal finance blog can be submitted to their directory which seems to approve any active websites.

They also have forums which are incredibly active between bloggers in the space.

Probably the best way to get featured in their newsletter, if you have good content to offer, is to build up a relationship with their founder, J Money, on Twitter.

Root of Good – 55,000 Monthly Visitors

Root of Good covers all aspects of personal finance.

Justin, the owner and author, focuses heavily on the value of saving money, investing and making prudent financial decisions.

The blog is also open to comments.

With some of the posts receiving a lot of discussion, any involvement in the community could send a lot of traffic back to your site.

There’s also a recommendations page where Justin lists some of the services in the personal finance (and web hosting) niche that he finds useful. If you have a service that would be a good fit for the site, you could introduce it to Justin and ask to be reviewed for inclusion.

Justin also put together a list of blogs and links he recommends.

Again, if you had a resource that’s a good fit, I’m sure you could introduce it to him.

There is advertising on the site. If you would like to get in touch with Justin and speak about placing an ad, or any other opportunities, you can do with by using the contact form.

Links to sites like Bogleheads.org, Personalcapital.com and Raise.com

Money Under 30  – 647,500 Monthly Visitors

Money Under 30 is a personal finance blog aimed at, you guessed it, under 30s.

It covers topics ranging from choosing credit cards and paying off debt to investing and buying property.

All blog posts are open to leaving comments.

The site has featured guest posts in the past but their current guest posting policy is unclear. If you have an idea for an article you could contact the team here and pitch it to them.

The blog links out to press and web coverage. If you have a platform and can feature Money Under 30, you could be included here in return.

The site also offers advertising opportunities.You can contact the Money Under 30 team for more information about that here.

Links to sites like Jamesallen.com, Wealthfront.com and Freshly.com

Mighty Bargain Hunter covers exactly what the name suggests.

Ran by John Wedding, the site focuses on finding good deals, living frugally and investing.

The site accepts guest posts which are managed through the Post Runner service.

The blog is also open comments. Make sure you leave a thoughtful reply rather than just posting a link to your site.

The site links out to services and products in the personal finance and deals/promotions/cashback/rebate niches. Some of the links are affiliate links. If you have a relevant product or service you could ask John to feature it in future content for a commission on any sales he generates.

John links out to two hosting services he recommends on the right-hand sidebar. If you have a relevant product or service you could ask for it to be added to the list.

The site features advertising. If you would like to get in touch to discuss advertising opportunities and audience demographics, you can use his contact form.

Links to sites like Prizerebel.com, Earnably.com and Instructables.com

Living on the Cheap is written by 20 consumer journalists and gives readers tools for living well on less, as well as providing the latest deals and freebies from retailers and restaurants.

Living on the Cheap is the flagship website of a network of 30 local sites. The entire network receives 250,000 monthly uniques.

If you have mentioned or featured Living on the Cheap, you may receive a link from their in the news page.

Living on the Cheap offers sponsored and custom crafted content for advertisers.

Writers for the site can get a link to their website and social profile in their author bio.

You can also run your own cheap site through Living on the Cheap.

Links to sites like Costco.com, Liftopia.com and Planetfitness.com

Millennial Money consists of a community of over 50,000 followers, all pursuing financial independence.

Ran by a man named Grant, it reveals how he went from a net worth of $2.26 to over $1,000,000 in just 5 years.

The blog accepts comments. As with any comment opportunity, aim to provide value with thoughtful and helpful replies, rather than simply sharing a link.

The site is also open to guest articles from contributors. Grant accepts pitches for any relevant content, but of course getting published is not guaranteed.

The blog links out to useful resources in the personal finance niche. You can see an example of that here. If you have a relevant tool or resource you could ask for it to be included in future content.

His recommends page lists useful tools and resources in the personal finance niche. If you have a relevant product or service you could ask for it to be added to the list.

The site links out to coverage elsewhere online. If you have a platform and can feature Millennial Money you could get a link on this page.

The podcast features conversations about personal finance between Grant and his co-host. Guest interviews aren’t common yet, but that may change in the future.

The site features advertising opportunities as well which you can contact Grant about to discuss in further detail.

Links to sites like Getmoneygotmoney.com, Investor.gov and Lendkey.com

Deal Fuel  – 40,000 Monthly Visitors

Deal Fuel is a deals and discount site for web designers and developers.

It features WordPress themes, developer tools, tutorials, web fonts and icons.

If you have a product or service you would like to promote you can register and submit your deal.

The site has a blog but it hasn’t been updated since August 2016.

The blog content accepts comments so there’s an opportunity to leave a thoughtful contribution and get a link in return.

Many of the blog entries are list-style posts that link out to a lot of resources. You can see an example of that here. If you have a product or service that you think is a good fit for the site you could ask them to include it.

Some of the blog entries are guest posts. You can find an example here. If you have an idea for a guest post you could pitch it to the team.

You can contact the team behind the site here for more information on any updates they might be making and if they’re open to guest posting opportunities now the site is less active.

Links to sites like Gtmetrix.com, Dessign.net and Lizatom.com

Get Rich Slowly  – 296,500 Monthly Visitors

Get Rich Slowly is a personal finance blog which was stared by JD Roth who later sold it for an estimated $1m.

It features content on savings accounts, mortgages, credit cards and insurance.

The blog accepts comments. Leaving a thoughtful contribution means you can get a link in return. Albeit a no-followed one.

Guest posts are currently being accepted. Links to your own site are allowed. Be sure to read their guidelines before making your submission.

The site links out to a variety of financial products and services. Many of these links are affiliate links. If you have a relevant product or service you could ask for it to be featured in return for sharing a percentage of your sales (where applicable).

There is also a Get Rich Slowly forum. It has over 24,000 members and over 7,900 discussion topics. If you can add value to the discussion, you could register, contribute and get a link in return.

Their press page links to coverage of the site elsewhere online. If you have a platform and can feature Get Rich Slowly, you may get a link back to your site.

The site also offers advertising opportunities.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss opportunities you can find out contact details here.

Links to sites like Mechcad.net, Tempurpedic.com and Budgetpulse

Personal Profitability has a mission to help people earn more, spend thoughtfully, grow wealth and live a better life.

Ran by Eric Rosenberg, it covers topics such as passive income, insurance and starting side-hustles.

Each blog post allows people to comment on them as well.

The site features podcast interviews with experts in the world of personal finance. You can listen to an example interview here. Guests get a link in the show notes. If you have expertise or an interesting story to tell you could volunteer to appear for an interview.

The resources section features a collection of recommended resources and tools in the personal finance and web development niches. If you have a relevant product or resource you could ask for it to be included.

The site links out to coverage elsewhere online. If you have a platform and can feature Eric, you could get a link from this page.

The blog accepts sponsored posts. You can see an example here. If you have a product or service that may be of interest you could enquire about sponsoring a post on the blog.

If you would like to get in touch you can use the contact form.

Links to sites like Ericrosenberg.com, Lendingclub.com and Personalcapital.com

Real Estate Link Opportunities

I’ll be honest, finding real estate link building opportunities is a pretty tough gig. Most people just want to talk about themselves and their own training (or available properties) and don’t tend to link out to others.

Opportunities definitely exist, but not in the kind of abundance you’ll find them for other categories like, say, Business and Marketing.

Realty Times allows anybody to write for their website.

RealEstate ABC – 111,400 Monthly Visitors

RealEstateABC.com is a site featuring real estate and mortgage information and resources.

The site very kindly features a ‘sites that link to agents’ page, which lets you see further opportunities where you could pick up links to your own properties.

Although there are dozens of articles on the site, they appear to have been written in-house and there is no clear way to submit your own guest post. That said, contacting the site may shed more light on this.

There is a specific resources page that features a number of mortgage calculators and other tools. If you have a similar resource you could enquire about being featured on the page by getting in touch.

The site also has a featured agents page which lists US-based real estate agents.

You can feature on the directory for free by simply submitting your site, or you can choose the opportunity for a premium listing at $25/year which includes two backlinks to your site and a higher positioning.

You can view the full details of that specific offering here.

Links to sites like Zillow.com, Homeagain.com and Homepath.com

GlobeSt.com – 66,900 Monthly Visitors

GlobeSt is a real estate forum owned by the ALM media real estate group.

The site covers a huge number of real estate topics from latest news to specific-area market information.

GlobeSt (through ALM) actively encourage advertising on the site. They have a total reach of 150,000 monthly visitors and provide further information on their audience demographic.

The site displays a list of contributors who regularly post articles on the website and receive backlinks via their author bio. They offer an editorial calendar available to download.

If you feel that you could contribute to the articles on the site with informative and relevant guest posts, contact Tracey Zwolak to enquire further.

Sponsors are featured on GlobeSt – though only two are currently included – which may be another way to build links and generate traffic to your site. Further information can be found here, if you think this is an appropriate option for your business.

Links to sites like Marcumillchap.com, Selectleaders.com and Reforum-digital.com

REI Club – 78,300 Monthly Visitors

REI Club features a real estate blog which is open to comments but they are via the Facebook platform so don’t expect any link juice from them.

They do however encourage new members of the site to submit guest posts. In addition to building a further presence online, you would also receive a link back to your site within the author bio. You can contact the site for further details.

REI Club features a ‘networking forum’ where users have the option to leave a link to their own site within their user profile. The forum itself could prove to be a great opportunity to network and build relationships with others.

There is an option to submit your site, if appropriate, to their lenders page which is one of the most popular on the site. Being featured there costs costs $100 per month; further information about the offer can be found here.

REIClub.com actively encourages sponsors for the site with a ‘monthly update’ to their 80,000 subscribers starting at $297.

Banner advertising is also an option with prices starting at $297 p/m or $75 per 10,000 impressions. Their advertising page offers further details on this.

Links to sites like Leaseoptioninterviews.com, Gsreia.com and Sjreia.org

NuWire is a investment website focusing largely on real estate-related financial advice.

The site is broken down into predominantly investment news, small business information and real estate investment sections.

Although NuWire have composed the majority of their articles themselves, guest posts contributions are regularly featured on blog. You can contact them to further enquire about their guidelines for submissions.

Their blog features a space to place your website URL but be sure to leave thoughtful comments and add to the discussion.

The fact that the majority of the articles have zero comments means that by leaving comments you also have the opportunity to stand out and possibly send visitors your own way.

Advertising is shown on the site but only though Google’s Adsense so you would have to target them directly via Adwords to be featured there.

Links to sites like Goldfarbproperties.com, Selfstorages.com and Mtrustcompany.com

Real Estate in Your Twenties is site which offers practical advice for property investments.

Brandon, the owner of the site, is prepared to disagree with various financial experts to share his experience and success in the field.

He prominently offers a free eBook on the site to help others with their real estate investment journey.

Brandon writes all of the site content himself but blog comments are closed which is quite rare.

That said, many of his articles are also featured on Bigger Pockets.com which allows comments via the Disqus platform.

That means you aren’t going to get any link juice, but you could grow your presence and reach by being an active contributor.

There is a resources page on the site, so if you feel like you have a resource which may be suitable and benefits the Real Estate in Your Twenties audience, then contact Brandon and ask if he consider including you.

A number of the articles within the blog also contain affiliate links, so contacting Brandon may well result in him including a suitable product or service within one of his pieces.

Links to sites like Biggerpockets.com

Realty Times – 241,800 Monthly Visitors

Realty Times is a source of real estate news and advice.

It features new articles daily from a vast number of authors who share their thoughts with a growing audience.

The site encourages guest posts, and allows you to submit your article to a category of your choice such as stories, advice, reports or even press releases. As well as gaining exposure of your brand, you will also receive a link back to your site in the author bio section.

It seems like the owners don’t mind how many articles people submit, so if you have relevant content to share, this could be a great place to put it.

The fact that so many different realtors and individuals working in the industry submit articles to the site means the site also presents a great opportunity for you to connect with others in the space. Although comments are not enabled on the articles, you could email the authors if you wish to build relationships.

Links to sites like Firstteam.com, Welcomehomeabq.com and Bellevuepropertiesforsale.com

I Saved 5k – 5,000 Monthly Visitors

ISaved5k.com is a real estate investment advice site which advises those buying or selling their home on ways they can save money during the process.

The site was founded by Leo T. Ly who is an experienced real estate representative.

There are four separate resource pages on the site for various real estate categories. They include a large number of sites with some inclusions appearing to be affiliate links. You can enquire about featuring on these resource pages by contacting the site owner, Leo.

I Saved 5K features a real estate blog with all articles appearing to be written by the owner. There is the option to leave a comment on each article which could be a great way to interact with Leo as he is very active in replying to the comments. By leaving an engaging comment you can also receive a (nofollowed) backlink in return.

RE tipster – 161,300 Monthly Visitors

RE tipster was founded by Seth Williams who has created a resource for those interested in part-time real estate investment.

RE tipster provides a free toolbox with a summary of resources and tools that can be used to support real estate investment decisions.

Seth links out to other sites that he has been featured on so if you ever find a relevant chance to mention the site you may find yourself with a link back to your own.

The articles within the blog are mostly written in-house, with comments enabled on each of the posts. Seth seems to reply to the comments so leaving a thoughtful contribution will help build a relationship but possibly sent visitors to your site as well.

Guest posts are share on occasion though the rules for guest posts are fairly stringent and articles must provide a lot of value. Further information on writing for his site can be found here.

The content of the articles regularly links out to various other resources that Seth feels are useful so if you have something he could feature then consider getting in touch.

There is a also resources page on the site which includes a lot of relevant real estate sites, some of which are mentioned as an affiliate. You can enquire to have your site published on this page if you have a great resource for the RE tipster audience.

Links to sites like Agentpro247.com, Propertyshark.com and Landwatch.com

1500 Days to Freedom is a blog covering real estate investment and which documents the author’s journey to a debt-free property portfolio.

All of the articles on the blog have comments enabled, so leaving a thoughtful comment could get you noticed and send traffic your site

There is a ‘blogs I dig‘ page on the site which lists a number of sites the author recommends. You can contact the owner to ask about opportunities for also being featured.

There is also a ‘stuff we like‘ page which links to products and services across a variety of niches. Many of these links appear to be affiliate links, so consider contacting the site for inclusion if you have an appropriate offering.

Links to sites like Coachcarson.com, Budgetonastick.com and Investingarchitect.com

Louisville Gals is a real estate blog in which Sharon shares her 19 years experience in property investments.

The articles on the blog have comments enabled as well as the ability to leave your website link if you have thoughtful or useful contributions to make.

Though the site doesn’t reach a lot of people, the comments section is fairly active so it’s one way to get yourself noticed.

The site does have a resources page which features a number of affiliate links. You can contact Sharon to enquire about being featured on this page if you have an product which is applicable to the Louisville Gals audience.

Travel Link Opportunities

When doing research for my equally long (OK not this long) Patreon post and seeing how many people were making money in the travel space, I became a little obsessed with subscribing to travel-related Youtube channels.

Whenever I hunt for more opportunities in this industry I find myself getting easily distracted with the adventures of others, so be careful when clicking on any links below.

Stuck in Customs is a great blog with an even better video-header

MatadorU – 1.6 Million Monthly Visitors

MatadorU is travel website for aspiring travel writers. The site features a blog, resources, destination guides, jobs and a travel forum.

They also provide online courses for travel writing, photography and filmmaking.

MatadorU state they have over 9 million unique views per month. Advertising is available on the site and you can fill in this contact form to receive further information.

Signing up to the travel forum will allow you to network with the editors and potentially link out from your posts. The editors have previously written posts specifically asking for editorial ideas.

Matador also hosts a jobs board for travel journalists. These are paid positions and it should be possible to link out either through an article or the author’s bio if you were to take on one of these roles.

This could also lead to future travel writing jobs and link opportunities.

There is also a Travel Journalism Resources page. Currently, this features testimonials from a few travel publications and companies. You can contact them with a related resource or testimonial you feel can benefit the website.

All articles featured on the blog have comments enabled, this is a great way to get involved with the community.

Links to sites like Vimeo.com, Flickr.com and Vouchercloud.com

Never Ending Voyage is the blog of Erin and Simon, a husband and wife couple of British digital nomads, who sold everything to travel forever. The couple are also the creators of Trail Wallet Travel budget app.

Never Ending Voyage receives 89,000 unique visitors and who generate 155,000 pageviews each month.

A link from the press page back to your site is possible if you mention, interview, or feature Never Ending Voyage on your site. There may also be the possibility for Eric or Simon to write a post for your site.

Comments are open for the site’s articles if you wish to get involved with the community.

Advertising, partnership, and sponsorship opportunities are available through inquiry to the site, they will then provide you with further details.

A link / affiliate link is possible if you submit a useful travel resource for the travel resources page, you can contact Never Ending Voyage to see if this would be of benefit to their audience.

Links to sites like Theroadforks.com, Eurail.com and Alittleadrift.com

Nomadic Matt – 54,000 Monthly Visitors

Nomadic Matt is a travel author and blogger.

He wrote the best-selling book How To Travel The World On $50 Per Day.

NomadicMatt.com is his personal travel blog which receives over 1.3 million visitors per month and features guides, travel tips and travel-related resources.

Comments are enabled on most of the content with some posts attracting a lot of activity. Leaving an insightful comment is a great way to build relationships.

In terms of other link-building opportunities, Matt specifies that he does not accept guest posts, sponsored posts, text links, or other advertising, and any emails that request them will be deleted.

Despite this, the site features a recent guest post here, suggesting articles that have the chance to go viral can still be written by other authors.

He also links out to other sites in list posts such as this one.

It is obvious that getting a link from this site will require effort to build a relationship first. You could kickstart that process by contributing to the site, or you could consider going on one of his tours and meeting him in person.

He has a resource guide which links out to various other companies – some of these are affiliate links.

There is an active Forum on the site with over 7,600 members. This is an opportunity to add value to the community and possibly get a link in return. You can register here.

To find out more information about the forum you can email the forum manager christopher AT nomadicmatt.com

Links to sites like Couchsurfing.com, Airbnb.com and Kayak.com

The Expeditioner is a travel blog featuring content from some of the best travel writers in the world.

You can find out more about the contributors (and their contact details) here.

The blog entries have comments enabled if you wish to get involved with the community.

The site accepts guest submissions and pays $30 per published article.

Posts should be 1,200 words or longer and if you are thinking about submitting a guest post you should read these guidelines first.

The site compiles a Top 50 Travel Blogs list and links to each blog featured and is ranked by number of unique visitors.

The site also features advertising opportunities. You can enquire about placing an ad you can use the contact form to get in touch.

Links to sites like Nomadicmatt.com, Thesavvybackpacker.com and Theblondeabroad.com

Stuck in Customs is a travel blog by Trey Ratcliff. He started the blog over ten years ago, sharing a photograph a day along with HDR photography tutorials and reviews.

The website receives over 200,000 unique views per month and has received a combined 200 million views of its photographs.

Advertising opportunities exist on this site and you can email Trey for further details. There is also a comments section on this advertising page advertising that Trey replies to.

There is an “Apps and Sites” section on the left sidebar currently displaying four websites. These appear to be examples of the paid advertising available.

Trey has a resource page here for all the gear and tools he uses. He links out to Amazon product pages and third-party websites, you could also feature here if you have an appropriate resource.

All the articles on this website use the Disqus commenting platform. You could make a thoughtful contribution to the community or use comments to establish a relationship with Trey.

Links to sites like Newegg.com, Gramblr.com and Macphun.com

The Blonde Abroad is a site that features travel tips, destination guides and resources to help your trip go smoothly.

It focuses on the travels of Kiersten Rich, who gave up a corporate finance career to become a full time travel blogger.

Much of the content on the site has comments enabled, so you can contribute to the conversation with a thoughtful comment.

The site links out to coverage in the press and on other websites. So if you have a platform and can feature The Blonde Abroad, you may be able to get featured on this page.

The site has a forum where a community of travellers share common experiences. You could contribute value to the discussion by signing up to the forum and you can place a link your author bio.

The blog does not have many guest posts, but there is no obvious prohibition on making an enquiry. You can see an example of a guest post featured on the site here. As is often the case with these sites, it may be that you will have to build a personal relationship before any opportunities to be featured arise.

The blog features list posts of gear and equipment that travellers may find useful. You can see an example here. These posts contain affiliate links. If you have a relevant product or service that might be of interest you could contact Kiersten and introduce her to it.

The site links out to partners who have worked with Kiersten. If you develop a commercial relationship with her you may be able to be featured in the “Who I’ve Worked With” section on this page.

Kiersten runs consulting services including branding, social media and photography. She is happy to consider opportunities from a variety of businesses. You can find out further information here.

Links to sites like Airbnb.com, Aupairworld.com and Theyachtweek.com

The Culture Trip – 1.3 Million Monthly Visitors

The Culture trip aims to provide “Local inspiration from around the world”. They have close to 30,000 articles from genres ranging from travel to art and everything in between.

The websites users are mostly aged between 18 – 35 and tend to be female.

Culture Trip welcomes articles, photographs and video contributions from around the world. Many of the articles link out to third party websites. You can find more information here.

All articles on the website have comments enabled through the Facebook comments plugin.

A great link opportunity also exists on the “In the News” page.

Websites that mention Culture Trip receive a logo and a backlink to the relevant article.  If you have an appropriate site, you could feature The Culture Trip.

Advertising is available through branded articles, branded videos, and Editorial sponsorships. You can learn more and find contact details on this page.

Links to sites like Aribnb.co.uk, Flickr.com and Roundtwostore.com

This is Insider – 2.5 Million Monthly Visitors

This Is Insider is a lifestyle website that features stories about people who go out and seize life.

It is part of the Insider group, which includes Business Insider and Markets Insider.

It features stories about food, travel, design, future, people and health. You can see find the travel section here.

The blog posts feature a lot of images that have links back to their sources. If you have a relevant, noteworthy story that features images, there may be an opportunity to get featured.

You can also see how many views each article generates, this might be of help in deciding what type of feature to target.

Suggesting a relevant article topic to This Is Insider staff may lead to an article you can write to post onto the site, you can find out the relevant contact details here.

If you are interested in advertising on the site, Matt (email below) for further details and pricing.

The site also has a newsletter that may be provide potential further sponsorship opportunities.

Links to sites like Businessinsider.com, Realitysteve.com and Quora.com

Gap Year – 120,000 Monthly Visitors

Gap Year is a social network and travel advice website.

It offers expert advice on travelling, volunteering and working abroad.

Travellers can also book their trips through the site.

You can register with the site to leave comments on the articles. If you your comment is helpful and relevant then it is likely to be accepted.

Guest contributions are encouraged and the editorial team has a list of topics they would like to cover for the site. You could choose one and create an article to be featured on the site, resulting in an author bio backlink to your site.

Alternatively the editorial team will look at any pitches for articles they receive. Don’t submit a full draft until you are asked to do so. You can get in touch with the editorial team at editor AT gapyear.com.

The site features a forum with a wide range of topics being discussed from how/where to get work, right through to eco travel. If you have some expertise, you could register to get involved in the discussions and interact with the members.

The site accepts advertising. If you are interested in advertising on the site you can use the contact form to get in touch (click on the “Advertising” tab). There is also a newsletter, which may be of interest to potential advertisers.

Links to sites like Hyperdia.com, Upwork.com and Aventure.co.uk

Johnny Jet – 142,000 Monthly Visitors

Johnny Jet is a site started by a frequent traveller that has now become a hub where travel experts share their tips and expertise so readers can save money, fly, and become travel experts themselves.

JohnnyJet.com has a very healthy 42,000 subscribers to its weekly newsletter.

You could appear on the media page by mentioning, featuring, or interviewing Johnny Jet on your site and then alerting Johnny Jet of the post.

A link opportunity exists through becoming a website of the week. The column features websites that have some connection to travel or flying. If you have a related site, you can try to contact to Johnny with a suggestion.

Directory listings for hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and / or rental cars appear on the site. You can inquire about inclusion if your service fits into one of those categories.

There is also the possibility to be featured in the travel style section.

Contributors to JohnnyJet.com are permitted a link in their bio, so writing a guest post can be a great way to pick up a new backlink and add value to the site.

You can also contribute to the community by leaving an insightful comment on the sites articles.

Email advertising AT johnnyjet.com for advertising or johnny AT johnnyet.com for general inquiries.

Links to sites like Flightaware.com, Seatguru.com and Vantagetravel.com

Detailed Pro is This Blog Post on Steroids

I’ve spent most of 2017 turning my private database of 3,000+ link opportunities into a detailed, documented list like you see above. As there are so many opportunities, I’ve also made them quickly sortable by the type of opportunity they present.

To learn more about the offering you can click here to check out Detailed Pro.

I really hope you enjoyed this update. Thank you, as always, for following!